9 Rookie Officers Fired Over Drunken Graduation Party

port-authority-police-department-welcomes-249-officers-to-its-ranks-6b7cf7e298b4d3b1Nine rookie cops were fired for drunkenly “running wild” — some of them flashing their badges, back-talking bosses and grabbing a woman’s butt — after a Port Authority Police Academy graduation ceremony, sources said Friday.

Dozens of newbie officers flocked to Texas Arizona Bar and Grill in Hoboken after the ceremony at Dunn Sport Center in Elizabeth on Aug. 22, Port Authority police sources told The Post.

But the celebration quickly turned into a booze-soaked mess, when some officers hopped behind the bar and began pouring their own beers in uniform, the sources said.

But when a bartender asked them to calm down, some of the cocky rookies flashed their badges and explained they were allowed to act like jerks because they were cops, the source said.

The bartender called Hoboken police but the officers were so out of control, they had to summon Port Authority cops to the scene, a source said.

Even then, the rowdy revelers ignored their bosses and acted “drunkenly defiant,” according to the Port Authority sources.

“They were running wild … They brought shame and disrespect to the department,” a source said.

They also grabbed a woman “inappropriately” and trashed the bar bathroom, the sources said.

Not long after, investigators demanded some of the officers hand over their cell phones — some of which had been used to record the post-graduation shenanigans.

Nine of the officers, some of them women, have since been fired.

Half a dozen more — including a lieutenant who was also drunk — face disciplinary action.

The investigation was headed by the Police Integrity Unit of the Port Authority Inspector General.


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