Florida Man Gets Haircut After Stabbing Roomate, Having Sex With Corpse



Cops arrested a Florida man as he got a haircut, just hours after he had allegedly murdered his roommate and had sex with her corpse.

Bryan Santana, 20, is being held without bail in Orange County jail on first-degree murder charges after he strangled and stabbed in the neck 23-year-old roommate Shelby Fazio, a Walt Disney World trainer originally from Lapeer, Mich.

Another roommate, John Hermans walked in on Santana at 9 a.m. Tuesday and saw blood smeared across the hallway before being attacked himself, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Santana pepper-sprayed Hermans and came at him with a knife, police said. But he was able to flee and call authorities.

Cops caught up with Santana two hours later at an Orlando barber shop.

“He came in, got a haircut,” Bernard Brown of Euro Cuts Barbershop told the Sentinel.

“He complimented the shop, he liked the shop. He’d be back. He was in a rush. He had a hot movie date. He was going with a young lady. He wanted to impress. He wanted to get cleaned up.”

Police arrested Santana at the barber shop, but not before he tipped Brown $15.

Santana showed up at his arraignment with close-cropped temples and a stylish beard.

Police allege that Santana killed Fazio and raped her corpse.

A chunk of drywall wall was pulled from the Orlando three-bedroom home by crime scene investigators, WESH reported.

On it, Santana had reportedly scrawled: “Not sorry for what I did.”



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