Cash Money Rains Down On I-270 In Maryland After Armored Truck Accident

gw-truckA door lock on an armored vehicle transporting cash malfunctioned while traveling on a highway in Frederick County, sending cash raining out onto the highway Friday morning.

A bag of cash being transported by GardaWorld security company fell out of the truck, which was traveling northbound on Interstate 270 near Route 80 around 8 a.m., sending bills all over the road, state police said. The flurry of cash caused motorist to stop, pull over and try to collect the money.

The motorists who made off with the cash “are welcome to turn in the money at the local barrack,” the agency said in a statement.

Even though the driver of the armored vehicle moved to the shoulder quickly, he told police that numerous vehicles stopped on the road and people were grabbing handfuls of cash.

Police said that when a fire department official stopped and activated the car’s emergency lights, everyone drove off.

Police were able to recover $200, but the company is still trying to determine how much was taken,

“Motorists who picked up the cash are reminded it is not their money,” the statement said. “Persons who took the cash from the highway and do not return the money could face theft charges if the continuing investigation leads to their identity.”


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