Prosecution Advises Judge To Ignore Ra Diggs Request For Additional Mattress In Prison

ra-diggs-456-21412Convicted drug kingpin Ronald (Ra Diggs) Herron is facing life in prison, but he’s already doing hard time sleeping on a single mattress in his Brooklyn prison cell.

Herron, 32, a once-aspiring hip hop artist — who recorded music with rappers Wocka Flocka Flame and Uncle Murda at the Gowanus Houses when he wasn’t selling crack — has been whining non-stop since he was convicted in June of racketeering and murdering three rivals.

Once upon a time, Herron slept on two mattresses, but like the story of the Princess and Pea, there was a problem.

Prison officials found 13 razor blades hidden inside one mattress, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sam Nitze said Thursday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The prosecutor urged Judge Nicholas Garaufis to ignore Herron’s demand for an additional mattress.

Defense lawyer Kelley Sharkey came up with an explanation for the razor blades that sounded like a fairy tale.

“The mattresses are circulated among people all the time,” she said. “You don’t get a sealed mattress at MDC, you get one that someone else already had.”

“It’s our contention that the mattress came ‘dirty,'” already containing the contraband,” Sharkey said.

Sharkey also pointed out that the razor blades are the same type handed out in the prison commissary and were not smuggled from the outside.

“This is not an area of my specialty,” Garaufis said, unimpressed with the provenance of the razors, and reserved decision.

Herron is being kept in solitary confinement due to a litany of threats against witnesses in his case.


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