Shots Fired At Police Cars And Police Stations In Washington State


Bullet damage to Lake Stevens police car. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

Multiple shots were fired Wednesday night at patrol cars and police stations in three Washington state cities. When the gunfire stopped, a police officer had been injured and a person was in custody, authorities said.

A Marysville police officer was injured and taken to a hospital for treatment, Snohomish County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Shari Ireton said, adding it wasn’t immediately clear whether the injury was due to bullets or flying debris. His condition was not available.

Ireton said one man was taken into custody late Wednesday night. He, too, was injured and taken to a hospital. She did not identify him and didn’t know whether he had been shot.

Ireton said an unoccupied patrol car was shot at initially at the Granite Falls Police Department around 9:30 p.m. A few minutes later, shots were reported to have been fired at the Lake Stevens Police Department headquarters. No one was hurt in those two incidents, the sheriff’s office said. Then there were reports of additional gunfire involving a law enforcement vehicle in the Marysville area.

The three cities are in Snohomish County, which is just north of Seattle.

Officers had been looking for a white pickup truck with a brown bed.

Mackenzie Harris, 17, of Marysville, told KOMO-TV that she was outside with a friend when she saw officers pull over a pickup truck. The truck driver then pulled out a gun and started shooting.

“We heard gunshots, so we ran inside,” she said. “While we were running up to my room, we heard, like, two dozen more shots being fired. We walked back down stairs and heard cops screaming and a bunch of yelling.”


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