Former Gay Kentucky Pastor Rapes Boy, Threatens To Kill Him With ‘Warlock’ Powers If He Talks

rex+murphy+web-2-800x430A local youth pastor has been charged following accusations that he sexually abused a minor.

According to Colin Hatfield, Eubank Chief of Police, Rex Allen Murphy, 30, of Puncheon Creek Road, Eubank, was charged with first-degree sexual abuse, a Class D felony, use of a minor under 18 in a sexual performance, a Class C felony, and third-degree sodomy, a Class D felony.

Murphy was working as a youth pastor and Sunday School Teacher at Polly Ann Church of God in Eubank, said Hatfield.

Hatfield said that his department began the probe, along with the Department of Social Services, into possible sexual abuse occurring between the suspect and one of his students, a 16-year-old male.

The juvenile victim was interviewed by the above agencies and accusations were made of alleged sexual contact from Murphy onto the victim, according to Hatfield.

“The details were very graphic and to the point,” said Hatfield.

Upon tracking down the suspect and interviewing him, Hatfield said that he “did in fact confess to the allegations.”

The police chief added that Murphy allegedly “threatened the victim with witchcraft and Wicca.”

Hatfield said that in the interview, Murphy said he brought up those subjects but not as a threat, whereas the victim claimed to be threatened with them.

Hatfield went Monday morning to the office of County Attorney Martin Hatfield to obtain an arrest warrant and discuss the proper charges.

Murphy was in Richmond on Monday evening, according to Hatfield, who expected to make an arrest Monday evening, or as soon as possible.




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