Chinese Tycoon Gifts Custom iPhone 6 Smartphones to All His Former High-School Classmates

qian-fenglei-iphone6-550x428Here’s a man who could qualify to be China’s Richie Rich, although a large number of social media users don’t seem too thrilled at his latest act of generosity.

Businessman Qian Fenglei recently gifted all his former classmates from school with an iPhone 6. On each of the phones, he had inscribed “Class of 1992, Maoshan Middle School.”

According to Qian’s official Sina Weibo account, he is the Chairman of Universal International Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited.

Qian is also not a stranger to being in the news for his philanthropy. He had apparently donated 2 million yuan ($325,780) for relief work in the aftermath of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake.

Nevertheless, ever since story of the iPhone 6 gifts was posted on Chinese social media, it has become quite a rage.

Some netizens are praising him for remembering his old classmates, but most have been rather sarcastic in their responses.

That perhaps is also due to the fact that Qian’s classmates are among the first few mainlanders to get the new iPhone, which launches officially on October 17.


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