Judging America by Joel Parés[Photography]


2-600x454They say not judge a book by its cover, for photographer Joel Parés‘ series “Judging America,” that’s exactly what he wants you to do… at first. Presented as simple portrait GIFs, Parés wants you to start by judging the book — or in this case person — by his or her ethnicity, profession, or sexual orientation, and then, just as you’ve decided what it is you want to believe about the person you’re looking at, he reveals the reality.

The portraits are quite literally expected to share their powerful message unaided. If you visit Parés’ site, you won’t find so much as a sentence about the series or what it’s supposed to convey.

No, the message is clear: successful, talented and good people come in all professions, nationalities, and colors. Peep the rest of the photos below.

3-600x454 4-600x454 5-600x454 6-600x454 7-600x454 8-600x454 9-600x454 10-600x454 11-600x454


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