American Iconomics by James Charles

James-Charles-banknotes-22 alien-banknotes-21232 iggy_pop-banknotes-21 robert_crumb-banknotes-24 warhol-banknotes-5 dali-banknotes-8 waters_32-04329 manson-banknotes-9 kahlo-banknotes-10 ramones-banknotes-11 gene_simmons_320982 ace_frehley_2309482 paul_stanley_12-039128 peter_criss_2304928 slack-banknotes-29 hellraiser-banknotes-20 princess_leia-banknotes-19 burger_clown-banknotes-25 James-Charles-banknotes-3 James-Charles-banknotes-6 James-Charles-banknotes-13 James-Charles-banknotes-18 James-Charles-banknotes-26 James-Charles-banknotes-32 James-Charles-banknotes-17

Defaced U.S. banknotes with contemporary icons, part of James Charles “American Iconomics” series.

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