Meeting of Styles 2014: Chicago[Video]

12-oz-meetings-of-style-1Since 2004 Chicago is part of the MOS-series and always came tougher and stronger. Beside of the painting-action, art-shows, parties and rap-shows enlarged the program representing all branches of  the Chi. Peep the photographs below.

12-oz-meetings-of-style-3 12-oz-meetings-of-style-5 12-oz-meetings-of-style-6 12-oz-meetings-of-style-7 12-oz-meetings-of-style-8 12-oz-meetings-of-style-9 12-oz-meetings-of-style-44 12-oz-meetings-of-style-10 12-oz-meetings-of-style-11 12-oz-meetings-of-style-12 12-oz-meetings-of-style-13 12-oz-meetings-of-style-14 12-oz-meetings-of-style-15 12-oz-meetings-of-style-16 12-oz-meetings-of-style-17 12-oz-meetings-of-style-18 12-oz-meetings-of-style-19 12-oz-meetings-of-style-20 12-oz-meetings-of-style-21 12-oz-meetings-of-style-22 12-oz-meetings-of-style-23 12-oz-meetings-of-style-24 12-oz-meetings-of-style-25 12-oz-meetings-of-style-26 12-oz-meeting-of-style-28 12-oz-meeting-of-style-29



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