Gone Too Soon: Ten Gut-Wrenching Funeral Images Of Fallen Young Black Men[Photos]

cfwo9p1htxyzhhhtqrwxAs a journalist you come across thousands upon thousands of images.  Unfortunately, what has now become commonplace are the casket images of fallen young black men slain by police officers.  Below are the list of ten young brothers that had a bright future ahead of them.  And although it would be a disservice to compile a complete list,  let’s hope and pray that this list doesn’t keep growing.

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1. Kendrec McDade

2. Sean Bell

3. Ramarley Graham

4.  Kheil Coppin

5.  Amadou Diallo

6.  Eric Garner

7.  Kimani Gray

8.  Michael Brown

9.  Oscar Grant

10. Jonathan Ferrell



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