Hip Hop Clocks by ClockWork Cros


Made in the Lower East Side of Downtown Manhattan in his native studio apartment, Crosby “ClockWork” Cros hand makes his clock art from photo-shopped high gloss photo paper that is laminated with 10 mil water proof laminate. He hand cuts the images twice before introducing the working clock movement into the eye of the image. Creating a functional working wall clock of our favorite figures. Signing the back and gift packaging for each personalized customer.  Peep the artists below.

EminemClock2-331x385.jpg NasClock2-339x385.jpg Andre3000_grande 50CentClock1_grande AsApRrockyClock_grande BigLClock_grande BigPunClock_grande BizMarkieClock_grande BustaRhymesClock_grande CamRonClock1_grande DMXClock_grande DrDreClock1_grande DrakeClock_grande EazyEClock_grande FatJoeClock_grande GucciManeClock_grande JadakissClock_grande JamMasterJayClock-copy_grande JiggaManClock2_grande LilWayneCOTD-305x385_grande MCAClock_grande MethodManClock_grande MFDoomCOTD-234x300_grande MissyClock_grande MosDef-305x3851_grande NateDoggClock_grande NickiMinajClock_grande PimpCClock_grande RakimClock_grande RedManClock_grande RickRossClock_grande SlickRickClock_grande SnoopClock_grande TechNineClock_grande TupacClock2_grande JeezyClock_grande LaurynHillClock_grande KRSOneClock_grande MacklemoreClock_grande LudacrisClock_grande LLCoolJClock_grande LisaLeftEyeClock_grande FlavorFlavClock-copy_grande AfricaBamClock1_grande CeeLoGreenClock_grande ODBClock_grandeclockworkcros





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