Syrian Jihadist Post Pics On Instagram And Twitter Feed


For the most part, the jihadis fighting in Iraq, Syria and other nations tend to curate fairly basic social feeds. Take Mes Tiri’s Facebook account. #NoFilter, indeed.

Dutch-born Israfil Yilmaz, however, stands apart from his peers. As we showed you in January, the trained Dutch soldier of Turkish descent has persistently posted images from his personal jihad in Syria to Twitter and Instagram with a creative European flair and a millennial fluency on the platforms.

Since Vocativ last covered Yilmaz, he has switched up his Instagram handle (after the platform shut him down for breaching guidelines) and also closed or changed his other feeds as necessary. His Twitter handle, @chechisback, pokes fun at those who try to shut him off social media. You can’t keep a good jihadi down, it seems. His Tumblr, Battlefields of Syria, which gives more personal vignettes and a greater insight into his personality, remains unmolested. Despite attacks on other accounts—and the bloodiest period yet in the Syrian war—Yilmaz has not changed his MO. He’s still posting from Syria, using all the filters in his arsenal to create an Instagram feed that’s equal parts aesthetic and alarming.

Socialmedia_jihahi_002-1024x1021 Socialmedia_jihahi_005-1024x1024 Socialmedia_jihahi_006 Socialmedia_jihahi_007 Socialmedia_jihahi_008 Socialmedia_jihahi_009 Socialmedia_jihahi_0011 Socialmedia_jihahi_0012 Socialmedia_jihahi_003-1024x1024



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