Kay-Dee Records Presents: Wild Style Breakbeats


Wild Style Breakbeats is a collection of 7 Seven-Inch records containing re-edited and extended breaks from director Charlie Ahearn’s original reel-to-reel tapes. Making a visionary move more than a half-decade before any sampling or music clearance lawsuits would appear — Ahearn decided that he wanted to control the music to be used in these scenes. They would create their own breakbeats, instead of using known cuts of the day; for instance, The Incredible Bongo Band’s “Apache” or James Brown’s “Funky Drummer.”

Over the course of a week’s time in the late summer of 1981, the Wild Style Breakbeats sessions were completed and mastered. The Session musicians for this historic project were Blondie’s Chris Stein, downtown drummer, Lenny Ferrari (a regular on Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party) with the guidance of Fab Five Freddy. None of the three principal musicians who played on the Breakbeats were ever in the studio at the same time. And the final number of white-label-only Breakbeats 12-inches was, according to Freddy, only 100, making them some of the rarest “Holy Grail” pieces of vinyl in music history. Most of the original Breakbeats were about one minute long.

For this special re-issue, Kenny not only extended but re-EQed and remastered the tapes. Thanks to these efforts, all 13 Breakbeats are presented here with top-level audio quality that has never been heard before. Additionally, since only bootlegs of the Wild Style Breakbeats have ever existed, this is the first time they have ever been presented on their own, as an official full album release.







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