Alabama Man Accidentally Kills Girlfriend While Playing With Gun On Trampoline With Infant

Raphiel-QuinnieThe man authorities say recently shot and killed his girlfriend was himself the victim of a “freak accident,” according to his mother.

Raphiel Pier Quinnie is charged with manslaughter in the death of 19-year-old Selena Edwards, who died from a single gunshot wound near Michigan Avenue on July 14.

Jackie Quinnie, the defendant’s mother, said the two were in a relationship, and had been playing with the gun that killed Edwards while on a trampoline with their infant child.

“I believe this really was a misunderstanding and a bad accident,” she said. “I know they were playing over the gun . . . and he did not know the bullet was still in the chamber.”

On July 17, District Judge Joe Basenberg granted Raphiel Quinnie a total of $18,000 bail. In addition to manslaughter, he is charged with second-degree receiving stolen property. According to prosecutors, the gun that killed Edwards was stolen.

Previous reports stated she was found dead of a single gunshot wound outside of a home on Cloverleaf Circle South. Quinnie was booked into Mobile County Metro Jail around 5:45 a.m. the next day. He is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing before the judge on Aug. 18.

Jackie Quinnie said her son is “really freaking out” in the wake of Edwards’ death.

“He wouldn’t hurt her like that, they were in love,” she said. “It’s killing him.



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