Selfies Of Police Dogs And Their Drug Seizures[Photos]


No big deal. Nikko, a Portland, Oregon, police dog, plays it pretty cool after sniffing out 50 pounds of cocaine during a traffic stop last week.


Zeus, a member of the Santa Clara County Specialized Enforcement Team, is often the last Lab a tweaker sees before going to the big house. Here, the California canine poses with 2 pounds of crystal meth.


Dickie happily shows off the 50 pounds of pot he copped from some hapless drug mule in Sonoma, California.


Robin, a member of the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office in New York, tallies up the fat stacks and bags of smack she golden-retrieved during a drug bust.


Ado gets a little stoic every time he ruins the day of some sad weed dealer in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania.


Marco, pictured next to 12 pounds of marijuana and 8 pounds of cocaine he muzzled up to in an SUV in St. George, Utah, has seen it all before. When you’re done playing around with that camera, he’d like to get back to work.


Solo, a member of the Carson County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, shows off the 27 pounds of hydroponic weed he took down.


Black with a badge.


This handsome little crime fighter in Clinton, Connecticut, could hardly wait to get his paws on this sizable stash of weed, hash, cocaine and Oxycodone.


This salty dog from Arizona’s Sherman County Sheriff’s Office is all business.


Spencer, of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon, had a little trouble finding room to show off the 14 pounds of pot, half-pound of cocaine and $32,000 in cash he nabbed during a traffic stop.


Just when they thought he couldn’t get any more lovable, Officer Zeus of the Mountain View Police Department in California turned up 100 pounds of marijuana during a house raid.


Kuma, a cop with the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office in Idaho, licks her chops over the nearly 6 pounds of pot she seized off a Greyhound bus.

I know that there are alot of pissed off dope boys out there son.


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