Alabama Aunt Sets Up Fake Facebook Account, Learns Niece Is Planning Her Murder

tuscaloosa11n-1-webA 19-year-old Alabama woman is in jail after she asked a fictional stranger to murder her family and dog.

According to court records obtained by, Marissa Williams lived with her aunt in Fosters, Alabama, but their relationship became strained after Williams began asking strangers she met on Facebook over to her aunt’s house.

When her aunt asked her to stop and refused to allow her to attend parties with strangers she met online, Williams blocked her aunt on Facebook.

So her aunt created a fake profile for “Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis” and added her niece as a friend, hoping that she could use the ruse to teach Williams about the dangers of online social interaction.

According to court documents, the experiment backfired. On the first day Williams interacted online with “Ellis,” she provided the fictional man with her phone number and home address, asked him to buy her alcohol and bring it to her aunt’s home to drink, and offered to have sex with him if he would pay her $50 phone bill.

A few days later, she confessed to “Ellis” that she hated her life in Alabama and wanted him to come to her aunt’s house and “kidnap” her. Williams said that if her aunt tried to stop him, he should just shoot and kill her.

Her plans became increasingly elaborate, as she eventually provided the fictional man with instructions on how to break into her aunt’s house, and requested that he break in her aunt’s window so he could murder her and her fiance first. She also requested he kill her cousin and the family dog before he “kidnapped” her.

Before the plans could get any more concrete, Williams’s aunt called the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, who arrested the 19-year-old on solicitation of murder charges.





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