Taggers “Booger” And “Snot” Plauging North Carolina Town

Snot_and_boogergangsdfsdfCary police need the public’s help finding vandals behind some pretty gross graffiti.

The graffiti tags “Booger” and “Snot” have been popping up on more than 20 buildings across town since January, including businesses, apartment complexes, park property and road signage.

Police say no gang activity is suspected, but it does cost money to clean up.

Neighbors and business owners say it has to stop.

“I think it’s disgusting and I hope something can be done about it,” Mitch Haroldson said.  “Especially knowing how much money has been put into the downtown area here.  I’m sure police are looking out for it and will find out who’s doing all this.”

If you see vandalism, police say you should take a picture, report it to them and if it’s public property, the town will have it removed.



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