30 Of The Weirdest Kool Keith Cover Art

Keith Thornton better known as Kool Keith, happens to be one of the most prolific artists in Hip-Hop.  From his humbles beginnings in Ultramagnetic, to  his numerous collaborations and solo projects;  Mr. Poppa Large has amassed a fortune of unique cover art from his catalog.  Some border on the bizzarre and some are just outright cheesy.  But one thing for sure, it’s all Keith in its most eccentric form.  It took a while to compile this list.  At last check  we counted  30.  Check the list below.

kool-keith-legend-tashan-dorrsett DR 115557650 b60ec43e-c980-479d-9fe4-1b4d9a06a8e4 kool_keith_cover_1 Ultramagnetic MC's - Critical Beatdown - Kool-Keith-Sex-Style 3450932225_2f624673cc Kool180712 Kool Keith - Collabs Tape-(2CD)-Cover 51CkUQkmvmL keith_dooom KoolKeithBackOut JM69CD 21309 Kool_Keith_Tashan_Dorrsett KOOL-KEITH-VINYL-cover- koolkeiththugorwhat 88344 tim dog and kool keith MI0002293862 CS1369324-02A-BIG koolKeithFront-793906 61qTduZcDGL 0001740854_10 kool-keith-total-orgasm-2-540x540 Kool_Keith_-_Lost_Masters,_Volume_2 UltramagneticMCsTheFourHorsemenAlbumCoverkeith_octagon7571-1


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