House Shoes – J Dilla Sample Flip Contestants[Audio Entries]


SoundCloud is currently being flooded with sample flips of J Dilla‘s short, but sweet “Electric Piano Solo”  – a track from Jay Dee’s  Unreleased EP containing remixes (ex. Masta Ace, Busta Rhymes) circa ’97.  ”Why?”, your probably asking yourself — House Shoes announced earlier this month that he will be throwing a Jay Dee Unreleased: Sample Flip contest involving Dilla’s piano interlude. The two winners of the contest will be receiving props by the Detroit ambassador himself and will possibly have their entries pressed on a 45″.

A ton of talented guys (some you may already be aware of: Dibia$e, Tuamie, DJ Harrison) have given the flip a go. Since the announcement PotholesInMyBlog personally have been keeping an eye out the flips as they appear by the dozens. For more details on the contest, visit House Shoes’ site here. Also if you want to keep updated with more flips that’ll soon arrive, Free Dimension that has done an awesome job at curating them. Posted below are a few of my favorites in no particular order.

Update: Shoes has stopped accepting submissions, but stay tuned for the next step: voting.



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