Wu-Tang Affiliate Christ Bearer Admits Depression From Failure To See Children Lead To Suicide Attempt

CHRIST-BEARER-3A combination of depression, marijuana, and a book about monks and vasectomies led a Wu-Tang clan affiliated rapper to cut off his penis and jump off a second story balcony in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

But Andre Johnson told TMZ he is doing well, and his penis is reattached and fully functional.

The member of the Wu-Tang affiliate Killa Beez told the website he was upset because he was unable to see his two daughters the morning he leapt off the balcony of the North Hollywood apartment in the early morning of April 16.

The artist, who is also known as Christ Bearer, was seen getting on his feet after the fall and running around by neighbors before being taken to the hospital for treatment.

Johnson told TMZ he is unable to see his daughters — and has another child on the way — because of a restraining order. On that night he told the website he was smoking marijuana, and reading a book about monks and vasectomies.

Feeling the world was collapsing around him he decided to take matters into his own hands, the site reported.

But the rapper said he underwent plastic surgery and his penis was reattached. He said he has full functionality, but may not be able to have any more children



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