Homeless Man Gets A Home[Video]

homeless-man-gets-a-home-and-clothes-2606927A new video posted online Wednesday shows a YouTube personality giving a fully-furnished house to a homeless man.

In March, the same man, known as Rahat, gave a winning lottery ticket to the homeless man, identified as Eric.

Video of Eric’s reaction went viral after he attempted to share his earnings with Rahat. An online fundraiser was then set up, which raised more than $40,000.

With that money, Rahat paid for one year of rent at a home, furnished it and paid for all the utilities.  When he went to catch up with Eric, the homeless man informed him that he had just landed a job.

Rahat then invited him out to dinner to celebrate.  Eric said he needed to stop by his house and pick something up. Later, Rahat informed him the house was actually Eric’s new home!

“I have got to be honest with you, this isn’t really my house,” he says in the video. “This is your house.”



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