NFL Draft Prospect Teddy Bridgewater Gives Cancer-Surviving Mom Pink Cadillac Escalade

5f7d1620-d550-11e3-badc-d52a30fe9992_teddyTeddy Bridgewater was 9 when he promised to purchase a pink Cadillac Escalade for his mom one day.

That day finally arrived for Rose Murphy.

Bridgewater’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and currently the disease is in remission. Their family story was recently featured in a documentary produced by Spike Lee and aired on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday.

After highlighting Bridgewater’s youth and high school football days in Miami, Murphy eventually had a meal with ABC’s Robin Roberts, who is a breast cancer survivor. Bridgewater later escorted his mom away from the table to present her with the gift he promised years ago.

Most of the pre-draft conversations surrounding Bridgewater has been about him possibly falling out of the first round, but his family loyalty remains intact. Bridgewater’s decision to celebrate his mother is great to see, and her recovery is an encouraging story.

Murphy received an amazing gift this week. But winning the fight against cancer is the best present.

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