Atlanta Principal Resigns After Allegations Of Affair With Teacher And Drugs On Middle School Campus


24910352_SS An Atlanta middle school principal had an in-school affair with a teacher and failed to look into rumors that a custodian was selling marijuana to sixth graders, according to the results of an internal school system investigation. Kelvin Griffin, who resigned as principal of Young Middle School in west Atlanta on Friday, said Thursday the allegations are false. “I never had an inappropriate relationship with a teacher and I never condoned anybody selling drugs to my students in my school, and I was never aware that was taking place,” he said in a phone interview. The Feb. 21 investigative report, obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution through an open records request, concludes that Griffin violated policies prohibiting romantic relationships with subordinates, and that he didn’t maintain a drug-free school environment. The report also found that Griffin had an inappropriate romantic relationship with a parent who was volunteering at the school, and that he allowed a non-certified teacher to administer a teacher effectiveness survey to students. Griffin and the teacher locked themselves in her office and didn’t answer the door when an assistant principal knocked, according to the report. Security video footage showed the teacher checking to make sure the hallway was clear before waving Griffin to come out. The custodian was arrested last year for possession of marijuana on campus after a school resource officer saw paraphernalia in the custodian’s car, the report said. Griffin said he’s talking with attorneys to find out what his options are. “All of it is rumors and innuendos, all of it,” he said. “Disgruntled employees started rumors that got out of hand.” The report said Griffin told investigators he acknowledged he should have looked into rumors that the custodian was selling drugs. But Griffin said he never heard about potential drugs at school until after the custodian was arrested. Griffin said the custodian was quickly fired. Young Middle School’s interim principal is Gregory Middleton, the city’s executive director for west region schools. He didn’t return a phone message seeking comment  Thursday. source

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