HIV-Positive Man Charged With Dousing Girlfriend With Gasoline And Exposed To HIV

bildePolice have arrested a 48-year-old man who they say poured gasoline on his girlfriend, threatened to burn her and her son, and then knowingly exposed her to HIV.

Glen Davis of Winter Haven is facing two counts of first-degree arson, two counts of domestic violence sexual battery, two counts of domestic violence aggravated battery and criminal transmission of HIV after the Saturday incident, according to Winter Haven police.

Davis and his girlfriend, who is not being named because of the sexual battery charges, were dating for a few months and, according to his arrest report, shared a home together with the woman’s teenage son.

Last Thursday, Davis tried to keep the woman and her son from leaving the house by threatening to light the pair on fire, an arrest report states.

Davis and his girlfriend argued Halloween night over whether she had cheated on him, the report states. The argument escalated when Davis grabbed his girlfriend by the neck and poured gasoline on her, according to the report.

He then threatened the woman and her son with a pair of gardening shears, poured gasoline on the kitchen table and a pile of clothing, and lit the table and clothes on fire, the report stated.

Davis’ girlfriend was interviewed last week and spoke of a terrifying scene.

“I seen my life flash before my eyes right there,” she told Bay News 9. “The house filled up with smoke. Fire and smoke and we couldn’t get out.”

The woman and her son feared Davis would try to kill them and were forced to stay the night at the house, the report stated.




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