72 Hour Nightmare In Roseland:The Story Of Robert “Yummy” Sandifer[Trailer]


72 Hour Nightmare in Roseland is a powerful documentary about a sad but true story in Chicago.

The film weaves together the story of Robert “Yummy” Sandifer, revealing the scary realities of gang culture in America.

At only age 11, Sandifer was a member of the notorious Chicago street gang Black Disciples. At the age of eight he dropped out of school and started stealing cars and breaking into houses. Sandifer quickly progressed and started getting involved in larger crimes such as murder, arson, and armed robbery, which was based on errands for Black Disciples. Barely in double digits, he managed to clock up 23 felonies and five misdemeanors.

Sandifer received major media attention in September 1994 when his fellow gang members, who feared Sandifer would be an informant to authorities, killed him. His story appeared on the cover of Time in September 1994, exposing the horrific nature of youth gang culture.

While it has been speculation for the release, it doesn’t appear that 72 Hour Nightmare has been slated for release. The full-length film is directed by Blind Folks Vision. 

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