Tensions Mount In Watts After Slaying Of Rapper Flipside


AllHipHop News reported on the slaying of former Death Row Records artist Kevin “Flipside” White, as tensions are mounting in the city of Watts where the rapper was slain and where he also had a high standing. Considered an OG of the Nickerson Gardens Projects based Bounty Hunters, Flipside’s murder on East 114th street on Monday night has put the LAPD on alert including a meeting of the Watts Gang Task Force yesterday. Veteran Los Angeles reporter Michael Krikorian has reported in his local blog that the LAPD has arrested 3 members of the neighboring Grape Street Crips gang who they believe might have been involved in the shooting along with another murder that happened in the same area 10 minutes afterwards. The Watts Gang Task Force, including LAPD Captain Phil Tingirides who earlier this year was offered protection by members of The Bounty Hunters during the Christopher Dorner man-hunt, are focusing their efforts on preventing retaliations.

Various West Coast artists and industry members have expressed their condolences, shock and disappointment about the news of Flipside’s murder since the word broke out on Monday.



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