Grandfather Finds Marijuana Pipe In His Grandson’s Kids Meal

burger king logo

A Michigan child made an unusual discovery in his kids’ meal. He found a pipe, loaded with marijuana inside.

Spending a hot summer’s day at a water park in Dundee on July 16, a Detroit-area family got a little more than the usual kids’ meal items from this burger king on Tecumseh Street.

“He handed the kids’ meal that he had gotten at Burger King to his four-year-old grandson and when they opened it up they found a loaded marijuana pipe inside the kid’s meal,” said Chief David Uhl with the Dundee Police Department.

The grandfather then went back to the Burger King to speak with a manager and police. That’s when he noticed something suspicious involving an employee of the fast food restaurant and two other individuals.

“He had seen them in the parking lot and saw them interacting with the employee, so he thought that was suspicious so he did a really great thing. He wrote down a description of the car and gave a license plate, wrote it down and gave it to my officer when he arrived at the scene and my officer was able to locate those two suspects and they admitted to what was going on,” said Chief Uhl.

It was the grandfather’s heads-up actions that led to the arrest of three people involved, not just the employee of the Burger King.

“It was an intricate part of the investigation and like I said he should be commended for what he did,” said Chief Uhl.

He says police don’t know how the pipe ended up in the kids’ meal box, but all three suspects were issued citations for possession of drug paraphernalia and are facing pending charges for possession of marijuana and other possible charges.

“Very serious when our children are involved and, luckily, this family was on top of it and saw it right away when the grandson opened it up,” said Chief Uhl.


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