Rapper Eldorado Red Indicted For Lil Phat’s Murder[Update]


New details have emerged in Lil Phat‘s murder case. As reported by the Dirty Glove Bastard, it seems newly released documents reveal that Atlanta rapper Eldorado Red, one of Phat’s former collaborators, was among the five men indicted in the case. Along with the murder, he was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm during a felony and participation in criminal street gang activity.

The other indictees include former Russian mobster Mani Chulpayev and 25-year-old Pacifica, California native Decensae White, an aspiring rapper and leading scorer for San Francisco State University’s basketball team.

Eldorado has collaborated with the likes of Yo Gotti and Waka Flocka Flame, his most recent track being “Concrete Jungle” with the former, produced by Mike Will Made It. He and Lil Phat collaborated on several tracks for their respective mixtapes, McRado’s 2 and Return Of The Mob.

[Update: More Details Emerge From Case]

Lil Phat’s murder case seems to get more twisted on each update, and the newest details from the investigation are no different. Five suspects have been arrested, and a bond hearing involving all of those in question took place this week.

The new information from the hearing alleges that a hit was placed on Phat, stemming from 10 pounds of marijuana the rapper stole from San Francisco State University point guard Decensae White, and one one of the rapper’s collaborators Eldorado Red.

The two apparently paid BGM gang member Deandre Washington, and getaway driver Maurice Conner $10,000 to murder Phat.

It was said that the duo were able to locate the rapper outside the hospital (where his Fiancee was due to give birth) by tracking the GPS in his car. The vehicle was rented to him by fellow suspect, Mani Chulpayev, a Russian ex-mobster, and later FBI informant.

Chulpayev denies his involvement, claiming that he and White were business partners in the car deals, and that the GPS information must have come from the Basketball star.

According to Chulpayev’s lawyer, due to his FBI affiliation, the feds attempted to keep police investigation away from the ex-mobster. However, the suspect was adamant to clear his name, asking to speak to police and take a lie detector test.

White is also arguing for his innocence, playing up his status as a “model citizen” with a letter from his coach, and highlight reel from San Fransisco State.

Eldorado Red‘s representation points out that while the rapper does use violent imagery in his songs, he has no gang ties. He is also said to suffer from autism.

While White was granted Bond, and has since been released, Chulpayev, Bradford, and Washington were denied bond, and remain in Fulton County Jail. Maurice Conner is in custody in Alabama.


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