“The Rent Is Too Damn High” Guy Drops Rap Record, Runs For Mayor [Video]


Jimmy McMillan gained national attention with his slogan “The Rent Is Too Damn High,” a quirky mantra he first used when running for governor of New York in 2010.

His calling card statement made him a well-appreciated, if comical, figure who reflected the economic woes many Americans have experienced in recent years.

Now McMillan’s famous phrase is a hip-hop track and personal anthem for his alleged New York City mayoral campaign.

In the video for the song, “Rent Is Too Damn High,” McMillan states repeatedly, “I’m Jimmy McMillan, 2013, I’m running for mayor, come and run with me.”

“It’s been two long years since I came on the scene, now I’m back in the game looking mean and lean,” McMillan raps, while punching a punching bag, driving, and dancing with fans on the street.

In addition to his “mustache and haircut” being “too damn fly,” McMillan also remarks that the economic recovery is “too damn slow.”

McMillan’s song is already garnering attention.


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