Media Anarchist State of The Union:Tonz ‘O’ Gunz[The Great Gat Debate]


Tons o’ guns everybody’s getting strapped Tons o’ guns got to watch the way you act. ~Guru from Gangstarr- Tonz ‘O’ Gunz

Thank you.  Members of Social Media and fellow Americans.  Almost twenty years ago the lyrics of the late great Guru of Gangstarr still rings true today in 2013. The  verse from 1994’s  “Hard To Earn” LP reflects the environment concerning one of our  most sacred and controversial amendments our forefathers meticulously drafted into our constitution for a valid reason.

Last evening our president deemed it necessary to close out his address  by delivering an emotional message on passing new gun legislation and paying tribute to those families that have lost their children in some of the most horrendous acts of violence this country has ever witnessed in recent memory.

645243-ethan-kirklandHowever, shouldn’t we as Americans take the time to understand that we can longer afford to make decisions based on emotions?  Last evening the president missed the opportunity to invite the families of slain bus driver Charles Poland and little Ethan Kirkland who miraculously survived being held captive for 7 days in an underground bunker by a crazed veteran killed by law enforcement.

And although rural Alabama is hundreds of miles away from Chicago and Connecticut.  Midland City is a place, I’m all too familiar with.  Highway 231 is a route I take each and every day to and from work.  Unfortunately on that fateful day my route to work would ultimately become a media haven for the entire country to behold as satellite dishes littered the highway as the entire nation being held captive.

 One of my proudest moments last year was  making the ultimate decision to head to my local sheriff”s office to purchase my very first gun permit.  As a native of Jerz, I  can almost certainly say that my state is ranked as having the second-most restrictive gun laws nationwide including an “assault” firearms ban and ammunition magazine limits.

linton-3fa8c769e38236131da808da9e567a363b112186-s6-c10Gun owners in the Garden State are subjected to extensive criminal and mental health background checks, fingerprinting, fees and waits as long as eight months for permits.  However, will Obama’s new gun initiative really make our communities safer from criminals?  Recently, we have been attacked by a  barrage  of  news reports of  veterans and former peace officers methodically murdering innocent people and yet last evening our president failed to address these components regarding trained assassins committing atrocities across our great nation in cold blood.

Criminals aren’t concerned about guns laws of the past or present.  And honestly its going to take alot more than a White House photo-op and a left-handed signature with a few pens.  Law abiding citizens are the one playing by the rules and ultimately being victimized by our government and by the criminals that roam the streets freely with any weapon of their disposal.

The fact that Hadiya Pendleton was murdered a mile away from the president’s home should send a stronger message to the plight of 21129823_BG3gun violence in America regardless of zip or area codes.  A few years ago, I attended a gang conference where a local lieutenant vividly recalls the moment he received a frantic call from his teenage daughter as two intruders she met on Facebook broke into the officer’s home.  Thankfully the story  had a happy ending.

And as a loving father, man and protector of my home;  I couldn’t imagine the horror of finding my loved ones taken from the mentalities of monsters rather than existing gun laws. Spooky isn’t it?  Living in the Bible Belt has its privileges as fathers and sons head to the local Wal-Mart to purchase a few rifles on an upcoming weekend hunting trip.  And providing security to  aged war vets or seniors that live in rural areas alone and afraid of the meth heads that  lurk for their next victim.

Where I live our communities are just big enough to pass through and small enough to know everyone.  Blacks and Whites live in harmony down here, where you can easily find rednecks and goons drinking beer at the same bar.  A place where you can find good ol’ fashioned folks from different tax brackets and backgrounds that managed to pray together for the safe return of Ethan and giving props to Sheriff Wally who we personally know for a job well done in protecting our children.


The architects of our constitution knew in advance the importance of our personal rights and protections.  However, if I decide to blow a couple of motherfuckers intruders heads off who attempts to assault my family.  As a law abiding citizen, I should have to right to use a handgun or assault weapon  to exterminate their asses.   I’m pretty sure the Secret Service has an arsenal of options to protect Barack and the first fam with, so why can those same measures be attributed for the safety of mi casa in the future?  If we as citizens continue to ignore this fundamental right; then we might as well unlock our doors and become prey in our very own habitat where many struggle to pay rent and taxes for.

In closing how long will guns be an issue when it isn’t the catalyst of the more deeper issues of  social and economical conditions in this country?  Perhaps the president’s speech served it’s purpose.  He definitely plans on making all of his decisions based on emotions. So  Buyer beware.

Krusher Kronkite

Member of my House Party

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