{Breaking News}George Zimmerman’s Bond Revoked; Must Surrender In 48 hours

A judge has revoked George Zimmerman’s bail, giving the Florida neighborhood watch volunteer 48 hours to surrender.

The judge’s move comes after prosecutors filed a motion requesting to revoke his bond on Friday, saying Zimmerman misled the court about his finances and his possession of a second passport, which he acquired two weeks after he shot unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin during an altercation.

In recordings of conversations also released Friday, Zimmerman and his wife are heard talking cryptically about his second passport in a safety deposit box they shared. The two speak in code in the recording.

Zimmerman’s original passport was due to expire in May. He applied for a second passport, claiming the first one was lost or stolen.

In the motion, prosecutors also point out that Zimmerman had $135,000 in his bank account the day before his bail hearing, in which he declared himself financially indigent.

Several days later, Zimmerman’s attorney said he had discovered his client had raised more than $200,000 from a support website set up by his family to help his legal defense. That money wasn’t disclosed at the bond hearing.

Zimmerman, 28, is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder in Martin’s death and claims self-defense.

Source: abcnews.com

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