G. Dep Murder Confession Video Released

A new video has surfaced, according to the NY Daily News, in which Harlem rapper G. Dep openly confesses to shooting a man. This video appears to coincide with the “Let’s Get It” rapper’s 2010 murder confession.

G. Dep Changes Story During Murder Trial, Says He Shot Another Victim

In the video, the visibly somber Dep (born Trevell Coleman) talks about a botched robbery attempt in Harlem in 1993. He recounts approaching an unidentified man and attempting to take money from him, “Where’s the money?” Dep asked while brandishing a gun. A skirmish ensued between the two that resulted in Dep firing three times. Dep then fled the scene on bike but at that point, the man seemed to be alive. Upon return, he saw law enforcement and quickly exited.

This confession is key in Dep’s current murder trial as New York prosecutors will argue that the man referred to in the video was John Henkel, the victim who eventually died of gunshot wounds he sustained in 1993.

On 4/11, G Dep changed his story and claimed that it wasn’t Henkel, but another man he shot. If convicted, Dep faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years.

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