Dear Unique: Letter From A Friend{Happy Born Day}

Dear Unique,

Peace to the god on your born day beloved. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 years since you returned to the essence and today I still find it difficult to grasp the absence of your physical manifestation.  Yesterday I was viewing some of your old footage and found myself laughing at one moment and shedding tears the very next.  As a wise man I understand that God has power over everything in existence, but beneath the surface I am still mourning the loss of my best friend and brother.

I loved you enough to allow you to bask in your success without the constant phone calls and being a part of your entourage.  I knew you really didn’t give a fuck about the money because we’ve been broke most of our lives.  Do you remember the time that you mushed me in the face because I lost my wallet with the last ten dollars you gave me to hold god?  That shit was hilarious because your wife screamed like we were fighting and I knew you needed that money to feed your family and someone was nice enough to return the wallet with the money still inside.

These days the world it seems has taken a turn for the worse. Michael is no longer in pain, Joe Frazier lost his fight with cancer and Heavy D; out of all the rappers that should of been in a casket has suddenly left us.  There are no words to describe how much I miss you and wish you were here to share the laughter like we used to when things were all so simple back then. Sometimes I beat myself up for not being there doing your trails and tribulations g.

While you were in prison I tried to reach you and the authorities told me that you weren’t there. I tried to get in contact with you through your family and I still couldn’t reach you. After I found out about your death I was devastated and didn’t even have enough money to take the train to Brooklyn to pay my respect because I was going through my own problems at the time. I also didn’t find out about the drugs until _________ told me one day when I tried to reaching you and he said that I couldn’t help you.

To this day I haven’t met a friend like you after all of these  years. I find myself guarded about who I deal with and hold regret that I didn’t try hard enough to talk to you. I had no idea that you were going through so much pain Ason, word is bond  I’m truly sorry. As far as hip-hop is concerned,you’re really not missing anything. And I know you wouldn’t co-sign half these niggas today. Also the Wu is still in effect but the energy isn’t what it used to be because your voice is absent.

I lost the picture we took with the high top fades and those sandals we stole from Payless. I had that pic for years and it mysteriously vanished for some odd reason. My son Shakur Ason is getting taller by the day and Barsun has transformed into the spitting image of his old man. I pray that he learns to walk his own path and make a name  for himself on his own merit because I feel that this rap shit killed you. I know that if you were here things would be different, but life isn’t that easy and death is a mystery to the living.

I didn’t get a chance to see your documentary and to tell you the truth the shit wasn’t even promoted right. They plan on makin’ a movie about your life and supposed to be releasing  a box set of your first album earlier this year. As we speak I’m working on a mentor program for the young brothers and wish you was here to speak to these knuckleheads because this gang shit is outta control. I extended my condolences to your family on the loss of your sister on the god degree of your anniversary. But as the righteous we understand the principles of mathematics and how it is applied to the universe.

You were a kindred spirit that many people didn’t quite grasp or understand. But I did and that’s all that ever really mattered. Your brief time on this planet was a testament to your greatness. You were bigger than hip-hop. You were my best friend and God knows I miss you dearly. Happy Born Day Unique.

Supreme Peace,

Freedom aka Slumlord Shabazz

PS I read an article on Jill Scott in Ebony recently and she expressed how she wish she could of worked with you. I think you should of focused on singing. We were both good at it remember?

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