Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Gang Live BET Hip Hop Awards 2011{Recap}

Here at Media Anarchist we grind heavy and have over 30 years of experience in the culture of Hip-Hop. The unit is small but we are growing as  the god speaks. My love for Hip-Hop  transcends the vaudevillian type of atmosphere that was transmitted on last night’s on BET’s Hip-Hop Awards 2011.

The show opened up with Jeezy and ended with Heavy D ,but the highs and lows of the show were the ciphers in my opinion that were  biased and broke cardinal rules by introducing bonus bars to preferable emcees and adding adlibs to the cipher freestyles  I would have taken the time to post an entire blog of the fiasco, but I would rather focus on the highlights and Wiz Khalifa’s “Taylor Gang” was one of them. Both shocking and entertaining Lex Luger’s bass laden concerto made Wiz,myself, and my kids spasm in delight  to the strip club anthem in the comfort of our living room.  I’ll try to post the most memorable moments with opinions on deck at my earliest convenience. *Salute*




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