The Science on “Planking”

“Planking”: It was a practice used by pirates / slave traders on slave ships to stack slaves.

Pirates (Caucasians), who kidnapped Blacks from Africa made us walk up “planks” to the “slave ships.” We were forced to lay either face down, or on our back on flat surfaces, and “plank beds,” like inanimate objects on a shelf; in each others’ urination, defection, regurgitation and menstruation…

If we became too diseased, then we were forced to “walk the plank” to a watery grave. And if we survived our “travel accommodations,” then we walked back down the “plank” to be sold at auction, as chattel… If we were too unruly, then we would be forced to wear “planks,” as punishment.

Have fun “planking.”


Source: Maya Watson

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