Happy Memorial Day: On Behalf Of Media Anarchist Guerilla Blog

As Memorial Day ushers in the beginning of Summer, Media Anarchist Guerilla Blog would like to take the time out to honor our military veterans who have died in our nation’s service. Also as an American citizen and patriot, I am thankful for their dedication to our country and the sacrifices made by these men and women that allowed us to share the freedom many take for granted today. Memorial Day means so much more than a weekend of debauchery and backyard barbecues. It is a day I’ve also set aside to commemorate the veterans who are my close friends and loved ones that served proudly, including those that continue to serve wearing the uniform with honor around the globe.

Rest In Peace Jose

Recently a Marine lost his life defending his home after a SWAT team kicked in the door of his home in Arizona and shot him 22 times. Jose Guerena didn’t die in a foreign land thousands of miles away from his wife and two children. He was brutally killed on American soil while attempting to protect his family and doing what any husband and father would do in a situation our country trained him to do instinctively. So before you reach for that cold one in the cooler and fire up the grill, pay homage to the ones that helped made it all possible and salute their service. Thanks Jose, I appreciate it.

Krusher Kronkite

Proud Patriot

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