Media Anarchy World War II:March Madness World Premo

New Living Translation (©2007)
Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm.


Greetings gangsters,adversaries,revolutionaries, and saints. The time has come to enter into a new dimension of the revolutionary mindset of the Media Anarchist Trilogy(Media Anarchy World War II: Domination ).I’m big on mathematics, like the algorithms Google and Demand Media are beefing over. I’ve been itching to spill my verbal magma for three long months and abstained from such reckless abandon miraculously. Over this period, I have amassed a cache of verbal weapons on topics the other suckas guys will never have the balls to post.

I didn’t launch this site to attract magazine articles,blog awards, and twitter followers. I didn’t launch Media Anarchist to hide behind velvet ropes or gain  access to industry insiders and celebrities either. The people of Egypt created anarchy by utilizing social networking as its biggest weapon next to Allah and brought an end  Mubarak’s 30 year regime. Many of your favorite rappers and personalities have the viable resources to reach billions around the world through their voices to literally help uplift humanity. Unfortunately they are the hosts of the most profane, while the masses play with their apps on their smart phones, so who’s the real dummy?

I’m behind enemy lines as we speak, networking with law enforcement,politicians,teachers, and volunteering at my teens middle school after school. I got non-profits sniffin’ around and soldiers in place ready to implement World War II:Domination. We’re already three months into the new year and I promise by the end of the year by this blog will be obese like Della Reese and Aretha Franklin’s ass cheeks. God may have rested on the seventh, but I’m about to enter into the second degree of Media Anarchist and I’m playing for keeps.

Mark Zuckerberg co-founder of Facebook is the world’s youngest billionaire and you still got niggas playin on Farmville in 2011. Libya is second in line to initiate a revolution and the Mediatakeout’s is still making money posting  camel toes,boogers,dick pics, and cellulite. Over my hiatus, I spent time fasting,praying,and strategically planning a return to the boom bap by analyzing these clowns.So fuck what you heard!

When I’m on Twitter, I catch these fake editors boastin’ about magazine covers and blogs actually believing their own hype but are not active in the hood. Yeah, you can call me the new “media assassin” since Harry left his post. Our culture gave birth to Frederick Douglas and escaped the clutches of slavery to fight back with his intellectual fortitude to live as a free citizen. I love America like a love a good blowjob, but I can’t stand her fuckin’ government.Teacher salaries are getting slashed and community based grants are being eradicated that help build affordable housing and fight poverty.

I also didn’t expect a Obama nigga that allegedly started out as a community organizer would shit on the hood from a rented house in DC. Mama said there’ll be days like this and I’m ready for war and prepared to raise the flag of anarchy across the globe. Humans that horde our resources are the scourge of humanity and we must divest from the selfish and egotistical mindset that continue to hold us captive. We live in a country where the Godfather of Hip-Hop(Kool Herc) can’t even afford medical insurance and niggas still claimin’ to be the dopest rapper in their apartment complex.

Fuck what you heard, we can really change the world despite doomsday propaganda. I’m living proof that anyone can change their life for the better and it brings great fire to my spirit joy to stand up for something worth fighting and dying for. What chakras are you giving off?Are you helping someone less fortunate than yourselves?Can you look outside of yourself to discover the remarkable gift of giving like God has done for us? I know what if feels like to be homeless and hungry. “I was Ted Williams”, estranged from my seeds and praying for another chance to make things right despite my shortcomings. My cuts were for luck and my scars are for my freedom ya dig?

How many of yall out there are literally working on your dreams and goals? What legacy would you like to leave behind for you bloodline to cherish? These are some of the things that I ask myself whenever I run out of steam. I can honestly admit that I admire Diddy’s hustle as an  astute businessman and however still despise his ethics as a human being and Blackman. I can also enjoy the music from Hip-Hop’s conscious and know damn well that these niggas are always dissin America and manages to still carry masonic symbols in their wallet.Media Anarchist is in the right place and you are just in time for March Madness so fuck  bracketology bruh!

I am excited to announce the return of Blog Talk Radio with exclusive interviews,podcasts, and video broadcasts on location. I really hope like the new layout and features added to Media Anarchist. Please visit The Exchange page to network with people who share your passions.Spread the word,spread the love, and get involved.World War II has begun! Congratulations Egypt, Salute!

Shout out to my new Twitter followers: Wise Intelligent,Erykah Badu,Mayor Corey Booker,Interscope, and my homie Jacky Jasper.

Krusher Kronkite

Lord of War

Egyptian Dad Names Seed ‘Facebook’ CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY


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