Children of the Most High:Bastards of the Hood

The Universal Flag

Note: This blog is dedicated to the memories of  Spencer Cadogan, Keith Hataway, Bobby Tillman,Russell “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” Jones,Mark “Big Mark” Boynton,Gary”Gary Gnu” Edelen,Jamal Lawson, and Ronald Bennett.

Last week I observed  commentary regarding a blog post entitled, “Worthless Black Men: Delusions of Morality Disguised as Manhood“, on Fresh Xpress. The exchange between Greg Dragon and Divalive discussing the significance of calling ourselves(Black men) “gods“, became the spark that ignited this blog post. I find it quite audacious that the Black man can dub himself every benign appellation available except one that reflects his divine nature. Father Allah’s(Clarence 13x Smith) legacy upon the manifestation of the Nation of Gods and Earths(Five Percenters) is synonymous with Black empowerment who became the patriarch for the bastards of the inner city.

Why is it so far-fetched to believe that we are the descendants of the Elohim(God)? Our physical form is composed of the same elements that replicates our planet of solids,liquids,and gases. We are living batteries draped in flesh and bone destined to fulfill our earthly obligation and release our borrowed energy back into the universe. The names of the brothers mentioned above have returned to the essence and beyond a species that allegedly uses only 10% of their brain cells. Last week in my hometown of Plainfield,New Jersey two young brothers (Spencer Cadogan and Keith Hataway)were found murdered on the same streets I’ve called home since birth.

Master Farad Muhamad: Founder of the Nation of Islam

My city replicates the horrors across the country, that has infested our communities with hordes of violence and desecration of the Black man. The “older gods” were our griots of the ghetto, our guru’s of grandeur that were our surrogate fathers. Clarence 13x Smith’s(Father Allah) passion to enrich the youth was the catalyst of social change that paralleled the activism of the civil rights movement,Black Panther Party, and Nation of Islam . A member of Temple Number 7 in Harlem, New York, where Malcolm X was a minister was excommunicated after questioning the teachings from the NOI’s Wallace Fard Muhammad(NOI’s minister & founder).

His tenacity and teachings have been widely debated that empowered hundreds and thousands of Black men to live a life of righteousness and awareness  to base life upon the application of mathematics. The racist paradigm deemed it necessary for the FBI to create a dossier on the man who utilized the Nation’s lessons after being excommunicated(Supreme Alphabets,Supreme Mathematics, and plus lessons) to neutralize the movement that has influenced the Wu-tang Clan,Erykah Badu,Rakim,Jay Electronica, and a multitude of artists, musicians, and bloggers such as myself to understand our purpose in the nucleus of civilization.

Throwback Era: Righteous Earth’s

Numbers is governed by positive and negative integers of life’s complex order. In Psalm’s 82:6 it clearly  refers to humans as gods stating: “I have said,Ye are gods; and all of you children of the most high.” Meaning we possess  the innate ability to reflect the divine attributes of God and the relationship between man(Sun),woman(Moon), and child(Star). As a father of a 12-year-old son, I am aware of the difficulties he will face as millions of our sons are left bastardized  for the soil to consume prematurely. It is my sworn duty and obligation to teach him how to navigate the torrential terrain of racism,prejudice, and bigotry in a society that consider us “useless eaters.”

Allah School in Mecca (Located in Harlem,NY)

Within the Black culture we are so prone to condemn the ones that strive for righteousness and  contribute to the disproportionate number of the mentally dumb,deaf,and blind demographic. This triple state of darkness has reached pandemic proportions with no identifiable resolution to off-set the collapse of morality within today’s Black cultural infrastructure. Religion is nothing more than a deceptive tool from the 10%, the bloodsuckers of the poor that profits off of the ignorance of the masses( 85%’ers).The F.B.I.’s counterintelligence program COINTELPRO deemed it necessary to monitor Father Allah’s numerous run-ins with the law including conspiracy,disorderly conduct,marijuana possession, and several others charges he plead not guilty to them all.

Father and Son

I see a generation that continue to remain in bondage by the chains adorned around rappers necks. Cyber thugs incriminate themselves  displaying glass encrusted caricatures jacked from “Lil” & “Young” Such and such that refuses to identify with real manhood. When will the guns be put down long enough for our children to picked up or how about a book? The names I mentioned above were great fathers,friends,brothers,uncles,cousins, and husbands. Their pursuit for perfection ended abruptly, leaving many of us wondering why they were taken away from us so soon. The late great Ol’ Dirty Bastard(Unique) was a very close and dear friend of mine that has left his own children fatherless. However his legacy is the promise of tomorrow and through the bloodline of his 21-year-old son, BarsunYoung Dirty Bastard“(no pun intended)that recently celebrated his beloved father’s six-year anniversary following an accidental drug overdose the rapper succumbed to in 2004.

I often teach my son that in order to be a man, he must be willing to walk his own path. And learn from studying mathematics to make decisions that would be in the best interest for his future. He’s managed to consistently remain on the honor roll since first grade and also manages to get in trouble from time to time. I am grateful for having the opportunity of a lifetime by inspiring my son and enlightening my shining son. He is aware that we would forever hold a position of being in the most dangerous occupation known to man and god of our universe(lives). Are we hiring? Yes, just take a pen,have a seat, and fill out this application. Rest in power my brothers.

Supreme peace,

Krusher Kronkite

“Son of Man”

Final Note: The New York judicial system deemed it necessary to sentence Allah to a stay in Bellevue Hospital and diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia. He was assassinated in his Harlem housing project on June 13,1969. His murder remains unsolved.


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