America’s Worst Nightmare:A Revolutionary State Of Mind

Celebrating the independence of our great nation this past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to reflect upon our country’s symbol of prosperity and what it means to me. Despite the dire circumstances of our economy as citizens we managed to dust  off  our grills and fill our backyards with friends and family to enjoy the amenities the United States of America has to offer. Label me as you shall, however I find comfort in also exposing its malignancy of malarchy and the negligence of a governing body that has no interest in solving real problems with real solutions. I feel sorry for those men that are eagerly awaiting their release from prison with marketable skills for employment and are discriminated against as their past continues to hold them captive from a racist society that won’t allow them the privilege to feed their families.

What if the Black community possessed the equivalent  of  youth graduating from college with degrees rather than the proliferation of rappers and gang members? Wouldn’t it be wonderful for “Jamal” to get out of prison and receive accreditation to mentor at risk youth for a non-profit organization and receive a stipends to help him earn a honest living?  I would love to witness all of the nations gangs to initiate a truce by pledging  10% of their illicit earnings by building schools, purchasing supplies, and working with city officials to help establish community pride and eradicate senseless violence on our streets? Or how about more African-Americans taking advantage of the rewarding aviation program this country has to offer by meeting the high demand to make higher salaries in an industry we obviously ignore? When will the churches in our communities work together and make a pledge to sponsor a kid that never ventured beyond his hood and place him on a bus to see a world outside of his limited environment? Imagine if we could live in a corporate infrastructure that embraced their employees individual talents and gifts  that would improve relations and encourage productivity?

Wouldn’t you rather see more potheads than crackheads and dope fiends? How about our veterans receiving the best medical treatment money has to offer and helping a homeless one off the streets? How dare we ignore the sacrifices of millions of soldiers that couldn’t sleep during combat on foreign land and slumber on our soil on concrete, wooden benches, and mental institutions? Could you see the possibilities of paying teachers at the wages of senators or seeing our seniors residing in luxury high-rises and receiving high-quality health care for their hard work over the last century? We would save money and help reduce the prison population by executing those guilty of killing our children within the first three years of conviction and allow our neighborhoods to rid ourselves of the vermin that defecate in and around our homes, malls, churches and schools.

How about holding these non-profit organizations more accountable for how they use state and government funding to run their organizations? Shouldn’t the best resources to reach our troubled youth come from individuals that actually experienced the lifestyle rather than someone who hasn’t? When will police departments across the United States learn that in order to reduce the outbreak of police brutality they must refrain from employing officers that are not aware of the intricacies of the communities they pledge to protect and serve by committing  horrendous acts of barbarism in their duties? How can we have confidence in a president that cannot clean up his own backyards( Chicago and DC) and expect him to solve our problems within our radius? Imagine if there were less gossip blogs and more quality based content for the masses of readers to enjoy and appreciate? Since Hollywood is ignoring an untapped market of talented writers and producers should we be able to put aside our differences and ego’s to work together and rename BET as Buffoonery Entertainment Television and provide quality programming?

Please tell me this is not the country that has forgotten about the “little guys” whose dream and a dollar revolutionized the industrial complex of today’s list of prestigious accomplishments in our nation’s history? It is not my intention to close this out on a long diatribe of frivolous candor about the auspices of change to pacify the matrix. I love the country my forefathers reluctantly called home for over 400 years as I inherited their work ethic and is tabulated in my W2 forms and vague future for social security benefits. This is a country I consider home but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t in desperate need of a drastic makeover by suppressing its diversity that made it one of the greatest immigrant nations since its inception. Change is definitely a good thing especially when the revolution comes from the consciousness of the people and not from a white house in a country that needs new furnishings.

Krusher Kronkite

Minister Of Information.

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