Rue McClanahan: Thank You For Being A Friend

For the past few weeks  fans of film and  television’s most beloved actors and entertainers are finally leaving us. The life of “Golden Girl” Rue McClanahan happens to be  no exception and sadly we are left holding on to Betty White for dear life. The Golden Girls was one of those shows that made you laugh uncontrollably from start to finish, while each actress on the show embodied the character they portrayed with diamond like precision. Blanche Devereaux was a “cougar” decades before the term came into existence to describe virile women past the age of 35. Rue managed to sashay into our livingrooms and hearts for 7 years on the show and Blanche becoming the character most synonymous throughout her illustrious career in Hollywood. Over the years Ms. Eddi-Rue McClanahan suffered a series of medical setbacks and this past Thursday (June 3, 2010) the woman that we all knew and loved as “Southern Belle” Blanche has retired from her earthly domain.

We realize that death is an fate that we all must face, however it is the lasting impression of a time in television history that the cast of  The Golden Girls was multidimensional and the catalyst for shows like “Sex In The City” and “Girlfriends” to reach their popularity. The show received the No.1 rating its first night, in 1985 and stayed in the top 10 for six seasons and captured a slew of Emmys and one for Rue for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series in 1987. In an interview Ms. McClanahan described her casting in the show ” A gift from the gods” and I beg to differ because she was the gift from God and we have him to thank for allowing her to enter into our lives for such a brief and joyous time. Blanche will continue to live on and all we have to do in order to see her again is just grab the remote. Rest In Peace Rue “We Thank You For Being Our Friend “.

Krusher Kronkite

Golden Girl Fan

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