Charlamagne Plays The Hating Game

Note: This rebuttal is in regards of a guest blog on (June 2, 2010)  XXL Mag.Com by former Wendy Williams sidekick and South Carolina radio personality Charlamagne Tha God that featured a blog entitled “Hating Is For Suckas & You Suck”!

Peace Godbody: I bring greetings of peace representing the whole manifestation of my existence. I mean you no harm beloved however your thesis lacked definitive evidence of someone who is actually “hating”. I am aware of the negative connotation that has remained prevalent in the turbulent world of hip-hop. But there is a significant reason why those sentiments are being directed at some of the world’s most successful hip-hop and r&b artists. I believe that there are no such thing as a “confused admirer” and by describing millions of fans and supporters of the culture are as diverse and  critical of the last decade that has produced a plethora of swine induced music for mass consumption. Am I also critical of today’s music from its artists?” Word is bond” god I am. The dominate gene in hip-hop became recessive after a series of grafts of the original culture(MCing,DJing,B-Boying, and Graffiti) seed.

Most of today’s music is a mutated genetic off-spring that parasitically feeds off the host and replicates certain characteristics of the host that lacks the verbal fortitude and production integrity  of its predecessors. Early pioneers Melle Mel and DJ Kool Herc to name a few remain critical of the culture that has spawned a generation of deformity and death by placing needles into the brain of its young. As a product of hip-hop, I am from the era that basked in the glory of lyrical radiance found in rappers as Grand Puba Maxwell, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, CL Smooth, Big L’s lyrics and the ones that stood in line to buy that Run-DMC poster or Ultramagnetic album. Don’t believe me just type in the names of the artists I just mentioned and there are kids on youtube that are obviously disappointed that they weren’t born during that classic era of  the most creative in hip-hop music.

Would I be a hater if I expressed that I felt Nicki Minaj has the potential to become a successful artist, but obviously  jacked Lil Kim’s “Barbie” persona in the process? Would I be guilty of such blasphemy if I were to say that most often your words speak of contradictions and inflammatory sound bytes? Your careless attempt to parallelise your misinterpretation of the scriptures (1 Corinthians 13:11) show and proves that you are reflecting the devilish attributes symbolic to the order of the Illuminati or any other rogue society that is responsible for the depravity of men. Does the production of Dr. Dre rivals the illustrious production of the Late J-Dilla? The answer is no. Are today’s artists creating music that reflect the essence of the culture? The answer is no. Surprisingly one of  secret societies most sacred oaths was to be the protectors of the ancient manuscripts, artifacts, and valuable knowledge that was safe guarded against cowans and thieves.

Confusion  Charlamagne, doesn’t come from an understanding that we live in a society despite Jay-Z’s accomplishments have no real power or validity to circumvent the current state of hip-hop. Critical observation would include the presence of conscious listeners that are bombarded with music that are controlled by only four major labels and a horde of tax write-offs disguised as legitimate record labels and entertainment companies. Could I possibly be a tad bit passionate of a culture that was governed by the streets only to be inherited by the corporate existence of carnivorous and cantankerous caucasoids that reside in multi-million dollar homes? How could hip-hop’s most prolific (current and former) drug dealers manage to allow rap music to be sold like the crack  by powers that do not reflect the environment these rappers vehemently represent?

Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert received their notoriety as two film critics that shared their opinions of newly released films and despite their differences in opinion remained valued colleagues. In the world of Blogdom readers are fooled into believing that everyone that has an opinion is validated as a writer and unfortunately for publications like The Source,Vibe, and XXL that I eagerly purchased  for many years lack the passion of  writers such as a Bonz Malone, Dream Hampton, or Harry Allen. Hate is the absence of sound judgment due to an intense emotion that has the potential  to lead to irrational or destructive behavior. However god you must continue to study your lessons and ” knowledge the wisdom of proper understanding” of the hate cycle and where it originates. It would be wise for you to reexamine your views or face immediate repudiation from entities who possess critical thinking abilities because after all “God is Love” because anything else would be uncivilized?

Peace & Blessings,

Krusher Kronkite

Master Builder

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