The Degradation Of Diddy

Every time I see or hear about Sean “P-Shiddy” Combs it makes my skin crawl.  He has pillaged  the world of  Hip-Hop like no other and it seems like he doesn’t have plans on releasing his grip on the culture that made him wealthy any time soon. Sean Combs happens to be the Don King of Hip-Hop, plotting and scheming his way with devilish precision by generating millions of dollars in profit off of the backs of talented artists, musicians, and producers. He has also managed to avoid lengthy jail sentences and even death due to uncanny ability to be exonerated in the final hour. Mr. Combs is a master of manipulation and deception as he meticulously siphons the best talent for his Bad Boy imprint and after they areno longer able to continue selling records he deliberately moves on to the next big thing.

Billionaire Ron Burkle and Sean Combs

It comes to no surprise that the industry has had a long history of jerking artists of their just due, unfortunately with the blatant arrogance of Sean Combs he happens to be its number one poster boy. He makes no apologies for flaunting his wealth to the masses by jet setting everywhere by throwing extravagant parties and hobnobbing with celebrities of equal candor. In 2008 Combs was ranked number three on the Forbes list alongside fellow entrepreneurs 50 Cent and Jay-Z at whopping $35 million from his record label, scripted reality shows, premium vodka Ciroc and clothing line Sean John that billionaire Ron Burkle invested $100 million and generates the majority of the profits while Combs receives an annual fee for his name usage.

His portfolio obviously includes his penchant for being around famous men who are questioned about their sexuality, but that doesn’t seem to deter him from being photographed in compromising positions to say the least. Being the media whore that he is, isn’t afraid to drop his pants or the salacious rumors of conducting parties on his private yacht that secretly turn into gay orgies. I wonder is that the reason why he has difficulty in settling down with a woman? After all this is Diddy that we are talking about and I probably wouldn’t put it past him. We have him to thank for the demise of Biggie, Shyne, Anthony “Wolf “Jones(former bodyguard) and countless others who fell victim to being in the presence of a man that doesn’t seem to mind his artists and friends being expendable.

How could a man responsible for some of the most callous acts of betrayal manage to have continued success? I suppose you must pose that question to the “devil” himself as his malevolence continues to propel his fabricated career as the next roster of artists subjugate themselves and their future to the most tyrannical enigma in Hip-Hop. It is ironic that he would would name his faux group ” Dirty Money” and I suppose his parasitic  mentality speaks for itself. However one must wonder that if Mr. Cee  would of never introduced Christopher George Latore Wallace to Puff Daddy would he have been considered “The Greatest of All Time” and still alive? In my opinion the answer is yes, and grudgingly we have to thank him for giving us one of the brightest stars the culture has ever witnessed irony personified…take that, take that!

Diddy getting up close and personal

Krusher Kronkite

Character Assassin



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