Blasphemy:Blog State Of The Union- “The Nature Of The Threat”

Thank you, Madame Speaker, Vice President Kronkite, Members of  Blogness, Distinguished Guests and Fellow Bloggers. It has been brought to my attention that two popular gossip blogs  has decided to ban me from their website that I found rather amusing. However the action itself is an example of how these mega blogs profit off of the lies and speculation of linguistically inclined writers. These blogs has been malicious in its attempt to monopolize the market of minstrels black celebrity gossip and entertainment while conjuring a smorgasbord of slander including  fabricating its stories and headlines. It is evident that Hollywood and other media social circles continue to alienate these pseudo-sites that continue to dehumanize the character of our people and our black culture.

As a journalist I have come to respect the craft that many people have risked their lives and were ultimately killed over for the use of their words. Today blogs litter cyberspace’s landscape just as the litter strewn streets of AnyHood USA, while corporate juggernauts funnel money into their blogs for maximum exposure to exploit our indiscretions, misfortunes, and tragedies. I created  “Media Anarchist” Blog as a battle cry towards the blatant stupidity these blogs encompass. I realize that there needs to be a cautious  balance between humor and buffoonery and unfortunately for their blogs, they are the  cesspool of stereotypes lacking decorum.

They have a long history of meticulously looking for the rotted carcasses of discredited stories and recently used on April 12th a image from a  popular porn site(Black Teen Girlfriends), to mislead their readers into thinking it was actually a breaking story or photo. Their foolish pursuits to silence me has proven that  my growing viewership and my “Guerilla Style Journalism”  has risen a few eyebrows and exposed a few snakes in the lawn. During my observations I immediately became aware of the predictability of my adversaries and knew that it would only be a matter of time that  I would soon cause insecurity,panic, and fear from my well crafted correspondence.

I consider these pariah’s and predators of plagiarism and perjury  pathetic  to preposterous proportions to say the least. To say that FakeOut and Miss Gonnorrhea are conspirators would be a understatement. Their influence or lack of is nothing more of than a homogenous brand that borders on the discarded mucus from our functioning brain cells. Their lies a deeper responsibility for our culture regardless of fame, fortune, and power. In a society that is desensitized to its woes are doomed to face its ignorance and wrath in the future

I will not compromise  the 500-600 words of verbosity,dedication, and intellectual fortitude that  is the passion behind Media Anarchist. However fellow bloggers must be vigilant in their efforts to preserve the ethics that has made journalists and writers more responsible for their content to the masses of readership.

Alienating the progressive minded and charismatic creates the movement that I will be responsible for strengthening the  diversification of talented journalists. These faceless traitors are known for their insidious reputations and will repudiate anyone that will question their authenticity. It is in the best interest in my opinion that these blogs will only continue to cause an enigmatic infatuation with the macabre and mundane.

The giant Goliath who was an representative of  a serpent and paganism underestimated the power of David. The sword that the future king of Israel held  decapitated Goliath after a sling, a rock, and a blow  to the head killed him as he fell to the ground. I  firmly believe that freedom of speech and constant awareness of its power and abuse are just as important as their  blogs whose vain attempts  at silencing or challenging Media Anarchist will be met with obdurate consequences of an insistent magnitude for they are the” nature of the threat”. In closing I would like to say to those said entities that it will take more than a black presidential term to foolishly endorse for face value  and represent the demographic fellow bloggers detest. It  in your best interest to ” Not Fuck With Me” , May God Bless America and Fuck You!……………..Word To Rass Kass,Long Live Media Anarchy!

Krusher Kronkite

President of  Media Anarchy

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