The Last 72 Hours to Live

13 days and an assumed 150,00o Haitians dead after one of the biggest earthquakes to hit the region in 200 years. Deciding on whether to speak upon the devastation in my blog has been rather difficult. The images that we see throughout the media is only part of the story on Haiti.

Haiti is no doubt one of the most poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. The citizens of this country suffer the most debilitating, depressing, and draconian of any people in the known world. It would be a disservice to their country by attempting to consolidate their history through a series of  paragraphs so I shall neglect the will.

Two of the recent stories that immediately grabbed the world’s attention was the story of a Haitian man found alive after being buried under rubble for 11 days and the ironic twist of fate when a man was shot and killed by police suspected of stealing a bag of uncooked rice.

As I sat staring at my computer screen, I viewed the man lying helplessly in the street gasping for air, that eventually became his last breath as onlookers and authorities neglected to help him for two agonizing hours.

The purpose of today’s topic was to use Haiti as a catalyst to see our lives in  a different perspective. Imagine being told that your life’s expiration date was consolidated to three days. What would you do? What would you say? With whom would you want to spend your last moments with?

Answering these questions remain hypothetical but necessary in conducting an inventory of our lives and what we deem as most important. Are you taking for granted the endless possibilities your life may bring? If you aren’t chances are that you are living a life of mediocrity and you are the one to blame.

The sands that pass through the hourglass are as minute as the air particles that we breathe. How dare we take for granted the illustrious presence of tranquility that exists in each of us. Our hindrance is a result of  past disappointments and failures that prevent us from seeking growth and unyielding potentiality.

Most often you will find someone expressing their contempt for their lives and neglecting to embrace the joy challenges bring. Would we truly appreciate our paychecks if we didn’t work so hard for them? Would a mother give birth to her child if she could only remember the pain?

Adversities in our existence is inevitable. However it is pertinent that we learn to allow these adversities to help us navigate in a more productive direction. We humans complicate matters by thinking life is a myriad of complexities with no solutions. We are in fact the architects of our destiny that govern our rational thinking and behavior.

We allow ourselves to wallow in misery and are selfishly punishing our missteps. I strongly feel that the world would be a better place, the moment we decide on when it will end. How  can you visit some of the most remote places on the planet and find people “bukkid nekkid living in the forest and have beautiful smiles and laughter upon their faces and remain peaceful amongst meager means?

How could us so-called civilized folk treat other human beings so savagely? Sure we can all point fingers and say ” the devil made me do it”, unless we allow him the comfort of taking residence inside of our divine spirits. Have a blessed tomorrow!

May God Bless Haiti!

Krusher Kronkite


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