Lil Boosie Going To The Slammer Hurray!

imagesWhen I came home today and found out that Lil Boosie aka Torrence Hatch was sentenced to four years for violating probation, I couldn’t help but celebrate by running to the local bodega and cracking a cold one to the face. Is it me or does it seem apparent that there are a slew of rappers that are prone to serving bids at the height of their careers?

This jackass along with Prodigy, Lil Wayne, TI, BG, and Shyne to name a few has been placed upon the prestigious list of felons that have endangered their careers they hustled so hard for. Sure we all make mistakes but in a ever changing world of  Hip-Hop and The Hip-Hop Police one would go and jeopardize their bread and butter?

Sorry fellas, I have to agree with the pundits on this one. If it isn’t an egocentric football or basketball player in the news, its the dumb ass rappers. Damn these cats continue to make these lawyers rich as their homies in the hood are laughing behind their backs.

Why even bother to tell your story if you keep fucking up? What is so successful about a rapper that makes it out of the hood only to find his way to a place he has been trying to avoid all of his life? I just don’t get it these days with these morons.

No wonder rappers are ridiculed and made into a mockery, they are prone to failure and in the future we will see even more. Shit when was the last time you heard of KRS-One catching a case or how about The Fresh Prince in his heyday? Niggas are stupid as hell and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Lil Boosie had it made and he turned around and violated the terms of probation. Shit if I had a mega cash and a big place to reside in then what need would you have to venture outside of your habitat? I thought the whole idea of having a crib was to invite the bitches and bring the party home, I guess in his case it wasn’t the motive.

Sure just go ahead and continue to blame the system on this one if you want, I’m pretty sure his fellow prisoners will welcome him with open arms and contempt.

Krusher Kronkite

Media Anarchist ( “Journalism In It’s Rawest Form”)

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