So you wanna become a Gangster Rapper?

Fake Gangster Rappers

” Industry Rule number 4080, record company people are shady”.

Q-Tip- A Tribe Called Quest-Low End Theory Album

It has been brought to my attention that you are looking to become a gangster rapper. Are you looking to become the next big thing in rap music? Are your street tales thorough enough to rival 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, or Game? Well many have pursued this challenging occupation and have met their untimely death demise and with today’s decreasing market in music sales and marketing, it would be a good idea to do your homework and decide if this is the career for you.

10 Tips on Becoming a Gangster Rapper

1. Find another occupation: The market isn’t what it used to be and rappers like Soulja Boy Tell’ Em and 50 Cent to name a few has epitomized marketability through mixtapes and internet presence. In other words your competition is fierce and chances are no different than one day playing for the NBA.

2. Do your research: There is nothing worse than hearing a 40 year old rapper, complaining they got jerked. The rap industry is grimier than the streets you rap about so start reading, because the real gangsters are the ones that are cutting your checks and signing your contracts with pen cocked and loaded.

3. Stash your Cash: The reason moguls like Sean Combs and Donald Trump are so wealthy is because they monitor what their company spend. If you’re in a club and Diddy is poppin bottles like there is no tomorrow is because most likely he is using the event as a business expense and as a tax write-off .

4. Retain a good Entertainment Lawyer: You wouldn’t want a lawyer your cousin Lamar used to get bailed out of jail, so why would you hire one to assist in your career. Stop being lazy and find a good attorney that has a good track record representing his current and former clients.

5. Distance yourself from Criminal Activity: There’s nothing wrong with loving the hood you’re from, but if you are trying to make the transition on becoming a gangster rapper, chances are that the streets will produce some that are envious of your new found success and you will find yourself in compromising situations that will place your career and life in immediate danger.

6. Open a Health and Insurance Policy: How many rappers have you heard died without a will or financial security for their families after death? If you plan getting into this field and living a life of continuous violence, poor eating habits, and excessive drug and alcohol abuse chances are that your children will be growing up without their necessities being met. Just ask the families of the late Big Pun, Pimp C, Tupac, and the list goes on.

7. Choose your entourage wisely: A gangster rapper’s entourage is an opportunity to employ childhood homies and provide security as you grace the stage wearing your most expensive jewelry. Unfortunately entourage’s constitute a majority of the charges filed against well known rappers. And in the day and age of The Hip-Hop Police, it would be wise to hire licensed professionals (See 50 Cent).

8. Diversify your Portfolio: It seems that every other rapper great and small has got their hands in either clothing lines, sneaker endorsements, or liquor brands. And in a world today where the recession has closed its doors on a many businesses, it would be wise to invest your time and money in other ventures, instead of trends that last for only a few years(Baby of Cash Money invests in oil refineries).

9. If you can’t back it up/Shut the Fuck up: When was the last time you ever heard of  M.O.P. getting in a fight or how about 50 Cent involved in a brawl at a club? In order to protect your brand you have to take certain precautions and monitor the lyrics that can ignite hostility from your music.

10. Hustle Hard:You are responsible for controlling your own destiny and if you allow your career to be determined by record execs that put their kids through college off of your music then you are considered one of the many artists that have sold their soul and depended on Mr. Harvy L. Jerkman to guide their careers,after all you’re a gangster rapper right?

Krusher Kronkite

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