A Letter to Beanie

” Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer.”  -Ali

BeanieDear Beanie: Congrats on finding a new home at G-Unit, however as a fan I would like to address key concerns related to your situation with Jay. From an artist standpoint I can relate to your frustration but don’t you think it was a little childish to air out your dirty laundry with a man that gave you the opportunity to display your talent? I find it quite aggravating to see these artists with so-called street cred, allow themselves to fall victim to their own stupidity.

I thought the whole purpose of getting a record deal was to be able to financially secure your future, and transform your business acumen you learned from the streets in Philly. I think it was nice of Hov to have gave a group of artists that would have hardly been heard outside their city an opportunity of a lifetime. Instead what I hear in your interviews is that you wasn’t given your just due. So is it safe to say you were frontin? Beanie lets see didn’t you have like 5 albums under your belt? I quite don’t understand how come you  haven’t learned about the industry after all these years. If you want to be successful in this business the first thing you must do is to stay out of jail and off drugs. I’m pretty much sure that by allowing those two things to control your life you are losing a lot of money and helping your attorney take those vacations he so desperately needs defending you.

As you can see since your absence there have been scores of new artists waiting to take your place and instead of taking responsibility for your own future you decide to sound like a spoiled brat that couldn’t get his way when daddy decided to leave the house. You guys must learn to separate the street mentality from your business dealings in the corporate realm. If you attempt to use those tactics you will lose every time, just ask Shyne. Learn to diversify your portfolio and stay away from the clothing and sneaker lines especially since trends last for only a few years and you are not receiving exclusive rights to your brand.

As you can see moguls make it a priority to stay of legal action and Jay-Z was able to do that by leaving Marcy Projects in the past and focusing on his future. You have to understand that the hood can only take you so far in life and until you learn that lesson you will continue to perpetuate the cycle. A man cannot teach another man to take responsibility for his actions, and should not be held responsible to care of one either. Beanie you had a head start in the game and blew with fancy cars and charges and it will take more than a new boss to help you in this cold and heartless industry, after all you are a victim of it. Good luck, because you’re going to need  it and more.



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